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Writer's Block: Friends of old

Do you have a childhood friend that you still think about and miss? What happened to him or her?

People leave.  They always do.  Sometimes they come back, sometimes they disappear.

But sometimes you leave.

Moving from place to place, especially in childhood, leaves you with weird impressions and ideas of "normal".  It was normal for me to get tossed around, switching towns and schools and friends and sometimes coming back, sometimes not.

Some people, though, you never forget.  Even when you no longer talk to them, you never see them, they never call you, you still wish to see them again.  Empty dreams, because you know that nothing is ever the same.

Eventually, you change, you change so much that every time you meet them again you think, "I'm not that person you knew."  But sometimes, it does not matter, because you talk and talk and laugh and when you have to leave, it is a million years too soon, and the differences do not matter, only time.

When you go back home, back to your current state of normality you think and realize that you no longer read any fantasy novels, for lack of time, no longer play in the sun, for lack of naivety, no longer dream and hope and wish.  For lack of promises.

You move and find new friends, new links that you count on and trust and laugh with.  But a tiny bit of your heart closes, a little voice that says never, it will never be the same.  And so you stop believing in your new friends.

It was also about this time that I realized a never fit in.  Cliches fell apart, people drift and they change, and I felt lost again, even in the midst of a crowd.  I never really belonged anywhere.  I just went along with people I knew, because it was familiar.  It was comforting, though, to at least have people to call friends, to depend on and joke with.

And eventually I know, we are going to drift away once more.  The years will tear us apart, away from everything we know.  The world will move us apart, with millions of miles.  And our minds will move apart, turning loyal friends into strangers.  But I hope that we will be able to find new strangers to call friends, to share thoughts with, and never forget the friends we had before.  I hope that our old friends will still remain.

Sometimes when you leave, in your mind you stay and keep the memories safe.

Welcome One and All

Just one thing before I begin:  I procrastinate.  A lot.  I haven't posted since I joined, which was...last year?  As you can tell, I'm incredibly sporadic on posting.  Boo.

I'm only posting because stepladders told me too!  Geez, she hasn't posted yet either.  And she keeps asking me to join her rping community, which I feel slightly intimidated by.  I saw her entry!  It was awesome.  I cannot compare, seriously.  I'll keep on poking around though.

So more about me.

I write, draw, read, and procrastinate on that wondrous thing called the Internet.  Finals are coming up, but do I care?  Instead, I'm on LiveJournal, posting to who know who may read it.

i have four accounts that get updated:  Fanfiction (I've been busy though), Deviantart, Blogspot, and this.  My own site, Idealogical Differences, is updating too.  Take a look!

I take commissions for art/writing.   Either on my Deviantart account or here is fine.

I'm slightly obsessed with Hetalia at the moment.

I like punk rock, alternative, indie, rock, and other random music.

I like to craft (sew, knit, polymer clay, soaping, etc.)

Okay!  That's all for now...



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